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In 2004 we decided to buy a holiday home in Cyprus.

Having our holiday home in the sun for a year or so was great. Every time we came on holiday, all the stresses of life just melted away.

Leaving the miserable weather behind in Ireland such a releif. The weather in Cyprus is a real tonic.

As time past, it became harder and harder to find the motivation and enthusiasm to drag ourselves back to the UK rat race.

Just getting organized for the flight home became a real chore. We really had to drag ourselves to the airport.

Feeling down in the dumps, became the norm at this point.

The only advantage we had when flying back and forth was the ‘lack of luggage’.

All summer clothes were left behind in Cyprus, after all, there was no reason to hold on to them in Ireland.

After a few more years of the same old dull life in the UK, all work and no play, we tossed in the towel and moved here permanently.

We have now been living in Cyprus for 5 years. A lot of thought went into it first.

Decisions, decisions….

After a while we discussed, in depth, whether or not to take the plunge and move permanently to Cyprus.

It took some time and very serious considerations. Giving up jobs, counting the pennies, selling the house etc, etc.

We began to realize how ‘burnt out’ we were from so much stress at work and life in general.

The shocking hikes in utility bills, running two cars, food shopping, I could go on and on….

Eventually, we decided, life is to short!! Living in Cyprus had more to offer. "Lets just do it"

Advantages of Living in Cyprus

The Cyprus Weather

Almost all year round, beautiful, warm, sunny weather in Cyprus. In 5 years, we have rarely had to wear full winter clothing.

It's true what they say, sunny warm weather makes you feel better, more alive when the sun is shining.

Pure Bliss!!!

When you move to a warmer climate your lifestyle is turned inside out, literally...

It's time to think...outside the box… The box being the four walls, most of us are usually confined in for most of the year.

In Cyprus, most of our daily life is spend out doors.

I remember, very clearly, when we lived back in the UK feeling very confined and miserable most of the time. Due to the dull, dreary, cold and wet weather, even during what should have been summer time.

I have always been an “outdoors” person.

As soon as there was a sunny, warmish day, which wasn't that often, we would get the bbq out.

Very infrequently, I must say!!

It was hardly worth the effort. There was no guarantee that it wouldn't rain.

Here in Cyprus, life takes place on the outside for most of the year. When you get up in the morning all you need to wear is a pair of shorts and a
t-shirt… most of the year anyway.

Short Winters...

Winter in Cyprus

It doesn't usually start getting cold here until around November. January to February - March get quite cold, but not usually as cold as it does in the UK.

Last winter 2010, we never had to wear a pair of normal shoes or a heavy coat. Great!!

We took these photos in February at Cape Greko, just outside Protaras Resort. The temperature was 20c.

Advantages of Eating
Healthy Medtierranean Food

Cyprus cuisine is mainly Mediterranean Healthy Eating. It's the main reason why cypriots live a long and healthy life.

Mediterranean Food is so delicous. The fruit, vegetables and most fresh meats are grown locally.

The intense flavours of Cyprus food are incredible.

Your taste buds are reborn!!.

You can try some of my homemade Greek Cypriot Mediterranean Recipes

When Cprus oranges are in season May - September, they are beyond compare.

I invested in a commercial juicer, so we could make our own orange juice. It’s sooooo creamy, each orange is just packed full of juice. Yummy!!

I love the greek village salad, it is always made with fresh, in season salad vegatables.

Kind, Generous and Friendly Cypriot Neighbours

Our Cypriot neighbours are so kind, helpful and generous. They share fruit and vegetables that they or a member of their family have grown locally.

Many times, we have walked outside our home to find there’s a large bag of oranges, grapefruits, cucumbers, onions, fresh eggs. It certainly helps with the living costs in Cyprus.

Disadvantages of Living in Cyprus

Cyprus joined the EU in 2004 and adopted the Euro in 2008.

Like the rest of the EU countries the cost of living has risen, salaries haven't.

You can read about the Cyprus Currency here

Downturn in Jobs in Cyprus

The devastating EU meltdown has also effected employment in Cyprus too. I have a list of employment Agents here

Tourism and construction are the biggest part of the economy in Cyprus. Over the past 2 years construction work is almost at a standstill.

Tourism is down and the cost of Cyprus holidays are rising due to the euro exchange rate. Many people can't afford a holiday to Cyprus

I am always on the lookout for low cost holidays which I can add to the site to help people find a cheapest holidays in Cyprus

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