My Success Story About Our Move to Cyprus...

and How I Built a Successful Webiste about it.

Read about My Success with an Online Home Business, I live in Cyprus, Work at Home Building an E-Business Website.

Hi, my name is Catherine, I like to be called Kate. I’m originally from Northern Ireland and my Husband is from Glasgow.

We now live on the sun drenched Island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean.

We have loved Cyprus for 25 years and are lucky enough to live here permanently now.

Dave and I have always loved to travel. Now, with my success, we are making a living working from home and have time to travel around Cyprus.

Yes, our exploring around the island helps to pay our household bills and if you read on, this page explains how.

Many people back in the UK envy our lifestyle. They would love to pack up and move to a wonderfully warm climate like Cyprus. But in many cases,a shortage of money holds them back.

Believe me, we’ve been in that situation ourselves. We’ve had several setbacks, personal problems and unforeseen situations to deal with. Thankfully, we have resolved them and moved on to a much better life and a surprising way of making a good income now. You can too. How? Just read our story…

My passion in life has always been travel. Experience new places, different cultures and having fun. But, as you know that takes money. The realities and responsibilities of paying bills always gets in the way of having a better quality of life.

I always wished I could leave Northern Ireland, especially during the worst of the troubles. I watched all my friends get married and settle into their nests. Not Me!... Oh No… I had itchy feet. I wanted to see the world.

Whether it was coincidence or meant for me, a job in Holland was advertised in the Belfast Telegraph. I applied right away, went to London for an interview and got the job. Yippee! Escape at last. I loved Holland. Stayed for 3 years and got itchy feet again.

I can’t remember exactly how I found a job in Saudi Arabia but I did and worked there for 3 years. Oh, by the way, it’s where I met Dave… Imagine going all the way to the Middle East to meet a Glaswegian!!!

After we got married, we settled back in the UK for some years. Working the Spent more money on bills than anything else.

Having a holiday was a “save for a year” jobbie. Counting down the months, weeks and days until we got on the plane. Before I get too carried away, let to tell you that our first holiday together was in Cyprus. We fell in love with the island. That feeling never left us over the years.

We travelled to many other countries over the years. Spain, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico. But we always came back to Cyprus.

I was really lucky that Dave had itchy feet too!

We promised ourselves that one day we would move to Cyprus.

So, we continued in the rat race, trudging along the normal path of work, eat, and sleep. Everything, got more and more expensive. The little luxuries, like going out for a meal or even a drink gradually disappeared. We just couldn’t afford to do it anymore. What an existence. We really felt trapped in a life we didn’t want anymore. We hated it!

So… we took the plunge and put our house up for sale. Luckily, that was when house prices were rising. Remember that!

Fortunately, it didn’t take too long to sell the house. So we upped and moved to Cyprus.

Leaving the UK, what a relief….

When we left the UK, it was like a huge block of concrete had been lifted off our shoulders. No more huge bills to pay or miserable weather.

We had no jobs lined up in Cyprus No idea what we would do. The desire to leave the UK was so profound we really didn’t think about what the future held. We just wanted space to breathe, take time out and enjoy some quality time together.

Everyone thought we were mad. “It’ll never work, you’ll be back”

But we were determined. The first year was great. We enjoyed having a life again.

We went on adventures around Cyprus, eat great food, drank the local beer and wine, enjoyed the beaches and the sunshine. Getting up in the mornings to clear blue skies everyday is so uplifting and so good for the soul.

Oh Yes, Paradise indeed, but…

We eventually came back down to earth, realizing that we couldn’t live on our saving for the rest of our lives.

Dave being an all round engineer could turn his hand at anything mechanical, electrical and even plumbing. So, he could find work easily, doing odd jobs. As long as we had some income and time to travel sometimes. But me….

What could I do?

I wanted to do something that I would really enjoy. I wanted work to be on my own terms. Travel being my passion, I sure didn’t want another 9-5 day job working for someone else.

Every job I had in the past bored me after a while. Like many people, I just went to work to make a living. I never really enjoyed the actually work itself. Usually within 6 months, sometimes less I wanted to do something else.

So my goal this time was to find a job that would make me happy to get out of bed every day, help pay the bills and would still have time to travel around Cyprus and beyond for a few months of the year.

I found the Solution...the beginning of my success

Simple, after all those years of grafting, it suddenly dawned on me. Earn an income doing what I have always loved the most! Yes.

As I said before, I love to travel and I love Cyprus.

I wanted to share our knowledge and experience of Cyprus with others. So I created flyers, distributed them locally, asked friends and family to hand them out everywhere in the UK and anywhere else they could. It was a disaster. No inquiries or interest at all.

So I decided to try and create on online home business website and decided on the name Cyprus Keys Advisers.

I was sure my idea would work, but I needed to find out how to create a website. The next step was to find out where and how to start. I didn’t have a clue.

It took a lot of searching and investigating on the internet to find out what I needed do. Boy there is sooooo much information to wade through. It was very confusing.

What I needed was a simple, way to get a website up and running, and for people to find my site. Somewhere along the line, I can’t remember how, I came across a company called Site Build It. I read everything about them on their site and across the internet to make sure they were a genuine company.

I finally signed up and boy what am I glad.

They helped me every step of the way. including how to build a profitable online work at home business. You probably wouldn’t think that any subject can make money.

This website you’re visiting right now is proof Built soley by me with all the tools, techie stuff and guidance from SBI.

They supplied the web design, the action guide to follow, All I need to do is create the content. be motivated and use my brain. They do all the techie stuff in the background. Thank God!

It an easy step by step process.

They also helped me decide on the right topic which would also be profitable.

The first thing I remember watching, was the video tour. It really helped me learn how the process worked

I’m a visual learner, so I watched the video tour over and over again.

You can also see hundreds of other successful SBI websites built by people just like you and me. All the sites are in the top 1 percent of the entire internet. My site is almost there, top 3% as I write.

You may notice the huge variety of subjects which people have created websites about and these are very profitable indeed.

I started this website you are reading right now in March 2008. I started to make an income before the end of 2008. All I do is write about what I love. You can’t get better than that now, can you?

Initially, there is a lot to do up front before you start making money. The good news is, when you do all that work, you start to see the financial benefits. And it just keeps getting better and better.

The more people visit my site the more I money I make, day after day. There’s no upper limit to how much you can earn. You just need to put the time in up front.

When you really love what you’re doing, it never feels like work. You have the added benefit of creating something at your pace in your spare time.

A major advantage is, SBI give you a 100% money back guarantee. That means you get 90 days to try it out, if you change your mind you will get all your money back in full. No quibbles

Want to know how I make money?

Well mainly from Google adsense at present. You may have noticed the advertisements on my site. Basically, here's how it works, if any ad is of interest to someone and they click on it, I make some money. Online businesses pay to advertise on your site and you get a percentage of the income.

There are so many other ways you can make money from having a website. Selling advertising space to related businesses or individuals, create your own e-books, sell online goods from other businesses and you earn a commission. SBI will show you exactly how to do it all.

You can also get ideas from other SBI website owners. Take a look at some of their case studies

I get many people contacting me who are inspired by my success and experiences. They would love to do something similar. Free themselves from the 9-5 day job, create a new lifestyle, work from home and realize their dreams.

Well, let me just say this….don’t wait any longer. Life is for living NOW!

There is no age limit, Solo Build It is for students, work at home moms and dads or retired

Try Solo Build It! you have nothing to lose. If I can do it, so can you!

Meet you soon in the Solo Build It Community Forums, Twitter or Facebook

I hope my success story inspires you.

Good luck and Best Wishes, Kate

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