The Cost of Living in Cyprus

Cost of Living

Updated November 2011

Our family have been living in the Cyprus for over 5 yearsnow. We have experienced of everyday living costs in Cyprus and watched them grow, since Cyprus joined the EU.

We are more than happy to share them with you.

The cost of living - utility bills and other costs are the most important aspect of living in Cyprus.

Euro Notes

Thankfully, this website, which is how I make money working at home in Cyprus, which gives me the opportunity to share our family’s knowledge of the island.

Including the all important cost of living and other interesting facts and experiences.

I hope you will have the time to visit.

Many of my site visitors contact me with questions about the living costs in Cyprus. I love to help you out and answer any questions you may have.

This is the latest update to the cost of living in Cyprus. The previous update was August 2010.

I can’t believe its over a year since I updated this page.

Compare 2010 to 2011

To help you compare the cost of living in Cyprus between 2010 and 2011, I have placed the latest 2011 update above the 2010 costs. That way you can clearly see the different.

The living costs listed below are for our 3 bed detached villa.

They include...

  • Cyprus Council Tax
  • Cost of electricity in Cyprus
  • Cost of Gas
  • Water bills
  • Telephone and Internet
  • Cost of groceries in Cyprus
  • Car Insurance and cost of petrol

Cyprus Currency Change to the Euro

Since the Cyprus currency changed to the Euro in 2008, the cost of living has risen every year.

There are several reasons for the sharp rise in the cost of living. The Euro Zone forcing price rises, the euro exchange rate for foreigners living here and the economic crisis is creating more unemployment in Cyprus.

Cost of Living - Utility Bills In Cyprus

Cyprus Council Tax - Yearly Cost

Council tax cost in Cyprus includes twice weekly refuge collection.

2011 - € 370

2010 - € 293

Cyprus Electricity Average Monthly Cost

The electricity authority in Cyprus - EAC and the government have included 2 increases to the price of electrity in the last year. There may be another percentage rise soon. I will keep you informed.

I would say that the electricity costs in Cyprus maybe about the same as in the UK now.

2011 - € 70
2010 - € 65

Average Annual electricity bill in Cyprus

The cost of using air conditioning during the hottest months, July and August are included in the average annual electricity bills for 2010 and 2011.

2011 - € 840

2010 - € 780 year

site visitors questions...

What is the average electric bills with a pool included?

The cost of running a pool would add an additional € 300- 400 per year to your household electric bill. It maybe more or less depending on the size of the pool.

Having a pool is a lovely idea but the cost of maintaining and cleaning it is a year long job.

You would only use the pool from around May to October, unless you spend more to install heating.

That is half a year using it and a whole year maintenance and cleaning cost.

How we cut the cost of electricty bills in Cyprus

We use energy efficient appliances

Energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling wherever possible including...

  • low energy light bulbs in every room
  • energy efficient fridge freezer
  • energy saving electric heaters which run 30-40% cheaper
  • use economy settings on our air conditioning

Here are 3 articles with tips about energy efficiency. All written by my husband, who is an engineer.

They can help cut the cost of living by learning about how to be energy efficient no matter where you live. Just click to open any of these pages energy efficiency, insulation and solar panels in Cyprus

Cyprus Gas Costs

The gas in Cyprus comes in 10 Kilo containers. We use it for cooking in our gas hob and bbq.

On average, we use 6 containers of gas per year for; cooking inside on a gas hob and outside on a gas barbeque from May to mid October.

Bills for Gas


€ 12.50 per 10 Kilo Container

Average Annual usage and cost

6 per year € 75


€ 10.50 per 10 Kilo Container

Average Annual usage and cost

6 per year € 63

What about Gas Central Heating in Cyprus?

It is available, although not many people feel the need to have central heating installed.

Cyprus is blessed with a warm climate, at least - 300 days of sunshine. So the Cyprus weather doesn't warrant the cost, as the winters are quite short.

Some people we know had central heating installed, costing € 3000-4000. Yikes!!

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Cyprus Water Bills

Cyprus has very little rainfall. It may rain occassionally between November and February.

Some years, when there is a real shortage, water is imported to Cyprus from Greece or other nearby countries.


€ 14 - monthly average

€ 170 - Yearly


€ 14 - Monthly Average

€ 170 - Yearly

Cost of groceries in Cyprus

The cost of groceries here have risen dramatically since the introduction of the euro.

It would be very difficult to give you exact prices for every food product available in Cyprus. What I can do is give examples for basic food items you and I would buy regularly.

The food costs in Cyprus for...

Milk - 2.00 euros for 1 Litre
Bread - 2.00 euros for an average sized loafFlora spread - 2.70 euros for a medium size pack

Meat - prices are per kilo

Pork is the cheapest meat in Cyprus, its also the best pork we haver ever tasted. presently it is approx. 3 euros a kilo.

Chickens - 3 euros per kilo

Beef - 5-10 euros per kilo depending on the cut

Lamb is the most expensive at between 8-9 euros a kilo

Vegetables - Cyprus veg is cheaper to buy at local markets than at the supermarket. For instance...

Broccoli per kilo can cost 3 euros a kilo at the supermarket.At a local market - depending on the season may be less than 2 euros a kilo

Carrots - most of the year carrots are about the cheapest vegetables to buy in Cyprus, 1-2 euros a kilo

Potatoes are grown locally, so are fairly cheap. The price varies from place to place. Approximatly 1-1.50 a kilo.

There are large markets in Cyrpsu where we buy our fruit and veg from. Larnaca has a super indoor fruit and veg market which sells many types of fruit and veg you can imagine and some you and I may not even recognise.

Outside the market are stalls selling off large bags of fruit and veg from the inside market when they are considered near sell by date. The price per bag at present is 1.70 euros.

What I like about the cheap sell off fruit and veg is that it is still very fresh.

Using these types of markets and buying local named supermarket products makes a big difference to your shopping bills.

You will pay a premium to buy brand named imported food.

Every little saving help cut the cost of groceries in Cyprus.

Cyprus Telephone and Internet Bills

The cost of the telephone service in Cyprus hasn't changed since 2010 and neither has the internet service. You can still see the costs for 2010 below.


No change since 2010


€ 16.00 including VAT - Monthly Service Charge,

Cyprus Internet Service


No change since 2010

The internet service in Cyprus is very expensive. Bills are sent out every 2 months.

Hard wired Internet Connection,

€ 13.23 including VAT

Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband Service monthly charge is additional to hardwired connection -

€ 20.13 including VAT

Total Monthly Internet & Broadband Service Cost € 33.36

Plus monthly telephone service charge – Grand Total – € 49.36

Cost of TV in Cyprus

Great News! No TV License Fee

Cyprus Terrestrial TV isn’t the best. They occasionally show English language films. That’s about it!

Many of us have…

Satelite TV in Cyprus

You can enjoy FREE TV!

I'ts the cheapest option…

Choose a One-Off-Payment Package of around &euros; 240

Which includes, Small Satellite Dish Installation – FREE-to-View channels and No Monthly Subscription!

Other options, are monthly subscription packages. It depends on what you want to watch.

If you love british soap series, football etc; you will need a BIG 4.2 metre dish. It will cost you a few thousand euros for the dish plus monthly subscription fees.

There are several satellite companies in Cyprus. So, you can research and compare prices before making any decisions.

Home Insurance in Cyprus

Cyprus Home Insurance

In addition to the above utility cost of living in Cyprus, we have full comprehensive home insurance for our 3 bedroom house.


€ 380


€ 377

Average price of car insurance cyprus

Let me give you a bit of advice about car insurance in Cyprus.

Running costs of a small car in Cyprus are MUCH CHEAPER in terms of insurance and road tax. See the cost comparisons below...

Cyprus Car Insurance

Car insurance for a Honda Fit, 1.6 - € 230This covers 2 adult drivers and a Young driver car insurance in Cyprus at 23 years old.

We have a 1999 Lexus GS300 which we imported - that was very costly.

Insurance for the 3 litre Lexus – 2 Adult Drivers


No change for 2010



Cyprus Car Tax

Honda Fit - 1.6 € 59

Lexus 3 litre € 600 big difference... Right?

Consider this...

the larger the engine size the more you pay.

What is the cost of Petrol in Cyprus?

This is difficult to add here as the price fluctuates almost on a daily basis, much like the UK.

2011 - November Petrol Price € 1.23

2010 - August Petrol Price - 1.08

New National Bus Service in Cyprus

Save on petrol. Catch a Bus!

Just introduced in July 2010, the new Cyprus transport is going to be a great benefit across the republic of Cyprus.

What’s more… it’s cheap.

Many fares are € 1

When I have more details about the new public transport, I’ll post them here.

There you have it… the average utility bills in Cyprus could save you €1000s

I hope you have found some benefits from reading a real life example of the cost of living in Cyprus.

I really hope you found this information about the cost of living in Cyprus helpful

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