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Moving Overseas... don’t know where to start?

No Worries!

Relocating abroad is a MAJOR task. I know, our family have been there, seen it, done it, got the tee-shirt.

Our destination? Cyprus

Whether you’re moving to Cyprus or somewhere else overseas, the process is the same. This practical guide will still apply.

There’s sooooo much to THINK about, REMEMBER and DO before you get on that flight!

I can help take the stress out of planning your move. So…


Follow my top tips.

Did I hear a sigh of relief?

Let me start by asking you a few questions.

Have you…

  • Thought long and hard about moving overseas
  • Discussed the pros and cons with your family
  • Done all the research you need
  • Been on a fact finding holiday
  • Decided that moving abroad REALLY is for You


Okay... Let’s get you moving!

The first thing you need to do is…

Create a Moving Overseas Checklist

Creating a list of all the things you need to do is invaluable. Why?

Because writing everything down on paper makes it much easier to focus your mind. Your thinking becomes clearer as you gradually add all the things you need to do on one list.

Don’t know where to begin with your list?

Don’t worry about it.

To help you get started, I have prepared a moving overseas checklist. This checklist covers general to dos.

Everyone’s life situation is different. so you will probably have other tasks to add to this one. View the moving overseas checklist here

Get Shipping Quotes

Contact local shipping companies in your area. Check that they offer international shipping. An International removal company offers shipping within Europe and shipping worldwide.

Many people make the mistake of just getting one quote. You need at least 3 so you can compare prices and services.

Ask the shipping companies to quote for

  • packing yourself and...
  • using the shipping companies packers

Also ask about if they are familiar with the Rules and Regulations of your destination country. Including import taxes and duty on any of your household goods and car if your taking one.

A word of advice about having the shipping company do your packing…

Don’t think you can just sit back and wait for the packers to arrive. Oh no...

You don’t get off that easy!

You still need to decide what household items you want to…

  • take with you
  • donate to friends, family or charity
  • recycle or…
  • sell

Organise Your Household Goods

Oh Boy… this is a BIGeeeee!

I was shocked when I realized how much STUFF we had crammed into our 3 bedroom house.

Dealing with all our household goods was, by far, the biggest, most physically and mentally draining task of all! Sorry to be so blunt about it. But it’s True!.

I really didn’t enjoy this humongous job. It seemed never ending and laborious.

It can be overwhelming. So…

Take my advice, prepare yourself mentally and physically.

Approach it in an organized manner. And...

Most importantly FOCUS ON ONE THING AT A TIME!

Read more about Getting Organised

Shipping a Car

Thinking about shipping your car too?

Talk to the shipping companies about the best option that suits you. They should discuss all the different options.

Depending on the amount of household goods you will be shipping and the size of the car it may be possible to transport both in the same container, which will most likely be 40 cube feet.

That option will depend on how many cube feet your household goods load will be. The International Shipping Companies will advise you.

Other options the shipping companies may offer, shipping your car in a separate container or roll on roll off which, is the cheapest car shipping option. Read more about Shipping a Car here

Get Online Quotes

To give you some idea of shipping costs, you can get fast quotes online from international movers.

Moving Pets Overseas

If you have a family pet, there are many things you need to consider before making the decision to take them with you.

Take into account, your pets health and age. If you are moving to a hotter climate, will they be able to tolerate the heat.

How will your pet cope being caged for a long period of time, before, during and after travelling overseas.

It can be a stressful experience.

If pets are transported by air they can develop breathing and heart problems, especially if they have been sedated for the journey.

Helpful Check List for an Overseas Move

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