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Get cheap Cyprus advertising in 2012

Our visitors are looking for you!

Promote Your Business in Cyprus

Get better value online advertising with Cyprus Keys Advisers.

Promote you produces or services in Cyprus from just 25 Euros a month!

Reach your specific targeted online audience. Our site visitors are looking for Cyprus related products and services like yours.

Visitors return regularly to our site as we continue to build more free and valuable information pages. They could be your customers!

type of cheap cyprus advertising we offer

Choose from 6 different sized Banner Ads or Full Page/s Promotions. A full page include Facebook and Twitter icons for you to quickly share your new advertising page with others.

Cheap Cyprus Advertising Banners – Visually Effective Promotion

Raise awareness of your business visually with image and text Banner ads. These are very popular and a cheap option for advertising.

We can display 6 different banner sizes, which can be positioned anywhere on one or multiple pages if you wish.

If you need advice on best size and page position, no problem, we can help with that.

Banner sizes - cost per month

125x125 – 25 Euros
200x200 – 30 euros
250x250 – 35 euros
300x250 – 40 euros
160x600 - 45 euros - right column only

468 x 60 - 50 euros - placement only at top or bottom of a page

Note: Advertisers are required to supply their own banner advertisements as cyprus keys advisers don’t have a banner advertising design facility.

Don’t have your own business banner ads?

Not a problem.

This custom banner ad design service create very professional banners from $20 within 24hrs. Take a look at Web Banner Design

Home page banner advertising

The cost of advertising on our home page is higher, because it revies the greatest number of visitors.

Therefore an additional fee of 25 euros is charged for placement of any size of banner ad on the honme page.

Full Page Business Advertising

Showcase your business in more depth on a full web page on our site.

Visitor will appreciate more indepth details and upto 4 images, including business logo. which in turn will help your business gain more interest, customers and return on advertising investment.

A full page requires at least 350 words. Details, tips and ideas of what to include on your promotional page are available when you purchase.

Cost for a full promotional page

1 month 270 euros, this includes initial admin and building your page.

Each additional month is charged at 200 euros.

20% discount is offered for three, six and nine month advertising.

For a full year promotion get the last month free with our compliments.

If you decide to cancel your full page advert at the end of the contracted period, your page will be removed and stored in our database for 6 months. That way, if you want to re-advertise, we can re-build your business page. A 20euro administration fee is required for reactivation.

Have an Affiliate business? Partner with Us!

If you have an affiliate business which offers high quality goods, services, finders fee opportunities or referral partnership, we would be interested to here from you, get in touch with us here.

Don’t have an affiliate partnership program? Interested in creating one for your business? It’s easy.

We have had very good results with iDevAffiliate they offer a really simple setup, which I have use to sell goods on a second site.

It only costs $99.99, to have your own affiliate tracking system, with no monthly charges or hidden extras and a full year of free upgrades. Its easy to set up. the support team are so helpful and quick to respond.

If you set up an affiliate program, get in touch with us . Then we can check out your business products or services, with a view to including you in affiliate business partnerships.

We hope you will consider our cheap Cyprus advertising options. Our visitors would really appreciate the convenience of your business being advertised here.

If you wish to sell your business in Cyprus, contact us for our special rates. Just complete the advertising inquiry form below.

We wish you future success with your business.


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