Guide to Jobs in Cyprus

Jobs in Cyprus, helping you for work in Cyprus.

Is looking for work in Cyprus difficult? That's what many people ask me.

Well... it all depends on what type of job you are looking for.

The main types of work in Cyprus are in Tourism, hospitality and construction.

To help you find work in Cyprus, I have put together some ideas and useful links to speed up your job hunting in Cyprus.

Tourist jobs in Cyprus include...

Hotel and restaurant work, ie; Chefs, Waitress, Tourist Representative, Wedding Planners, Entertainers, Lifeguards and reception work.

By the way... if you happen to be a Chef, you could earn a pretty good salary in Cyprus.

A friend of ours works as a chef for a large hotel in Ayia Napa. Salaries are around 1600-2400 euros a year, depending on what how qualfied you are.

Many hotel jobs are seasonal between April and the end of October.

You may also need to learn Greek

Where are tourism jobs in Cyprus advertised?

Many seasonal tourist jobs are advertised in local and international newspapers. So checkout your local papers. Do also check online travel agents too

Large hotel groups may choose to advertise through online recruitment agents or on their own website, if they have one.

How to find tourist jobs

Other tips to find Travel related jobs in Cyprus

Travel & Tourism in Cyprus is still the biggest income generator.

Here are some ideas to help you search for Cyprus job vacancies in the industry.

Do an online search for all the major tour operators and travel companies who offer holidays to Cyprus.

Here's how to get started...

Below are some UK tour operators who offer holidays in Cyprus.

Visit their websites, check if they have a Career section, job vacancy section or travel jobs link.

Car Rental Jobs in Cyprus

Cyprus Car Rental is big business. Not just for holiday car hirebut for business and long term car hire.

Again, car hire in Cyprus has slowed down to a degree because of the economic crisis. It is still worth searching to find Cyprus car rental job vacancies.

Cyprus car hire companies may take on a few year round staff, some temporary staff for the holiday season and/or as and when required.

When we moved to Cyprus in 2007, my daughter got a temporary job in Ayia Napa with a car rental company which ended up lasting two and a half years. So go for it!!

Get your motor running to find that job!! Vroom - vroom!!!

Here's how to get started...

Check out car hire websites and contact the big car rental companies who operate in Cyprus. Here are a few to get you started. Check their home pages for career or job links!

There are many more major Car hire companies who operate in Cyprus. Do a search for Cyprus car rental to find more...

You can use the search box above in the tourist job section or at the bottom of this page.

About Construction jobs in cyprus

Work in the construction industry was the second biggest earner in Cyprus.

Thanks to the EU melt down, construction has slowed right down.

It may be harder to find construction work in Cyprus at the moment.

That said... there are plans for new developments.

Plans have been agreed to construct; a new golf course resorts, new marinas and a new shopping mall in Larnace.

Update December 2011

The extension to Larnaca Marina is still on the cards. Waiting for updates.

Future construction planned in Cyprus

Jobs in Offshore Companies Cyprus

Cyprus Offshore Financial Companies include

Offshore Banking InvestmentsOffshore Company Formations

Each have their own specialist recruitment agencies. One of the largest is...

Reach International specialise in professional Offshore Jobs

Offshore Drilling Jobs

Many offshore drilling work is in the middle east. So your best bet is to contact the oil and gas recruitment agencies.

Our neighbour works in Oman at present. He works for 4 weeks and has 4 weeks at home in Cyprus.

There are future plans for Cyprus to drill for gas near to Israel.

You could try Oil Careers

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