Cyprus Festivals and Celebrations
Enjoy the Fun in Cyprus

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Join the Cyprus Festivals and Have loads of Fun.

The Yearly Calendar festive fun and celebrations are a fundemental part of the Mediterranean island's culture and traditions that include religious, dance, music, flowers and carnival festivals and celebrations.

Almost every month of the year, you will find festivals happening somewhere, in towns and or districts. The traditions show the rich cultural history that the Cypriot people continue to celebrate and honor.

Here is a list of the festivals that I'm sure you want to add to your list of things to see and do when you visit Cyprus.


Free to See Cultural Winter Festival at Ayia Napa and Paralimni.

This annual festival celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Cyprus. Included are concerts, poetry readings, recitals and dance performances all free to the public.

You will experience many activities where everyone, no matter what age, Cypriots and Visitors, can join in the fun.

So bring your family and friends to enjoy one of the most exciting Cyprus festivals.

February & March

Apokreo Carnival Festivals

These two-week carnival festivals are held simultaneously all across Cyprus towns and villages. Put Limassol at the top of your list as the carnival is the biggest and most exciting.

The first week of the celebration is known as the Kreatini or Meat Week where everyone can eat all the meat they want! So you better be hungry.

The second week is called Tyrini or Cheese Week.

Along with all the eating, there is the arrival of the King Carnival, Serenader's Parade, Children's Carnival Parade, and the Grand Carnival Parade. Different groups and colorful chariots are the highlight.

This is Truly one of the best Cyprus festivals you will enjoy. So…

Remember to check out the Apokreo Festivals if you’re visiting the island during this time as these carnivals are recognized as the best of the year.


Anthestiria Festival

In May, Paphos holds the Anthestiria Flower Festival, which signals the arrival of spring and the rebirth of Nature. Cyprus Flowers are celebrated. Many floats are filled with beautiful Cypriot Flowers

The centerpiece of this festival is held on the seafront where a colorful parade of floats and people bearing hundreds of beautiful fresh spring flowers.


Shakepeare Festival

The Bard is also very famous especially in Limassol where everyone loves their style of celebrating Cyprus festivals.

Every June, the locals hold this popular performing arts festival at the Kourion Ancient Theatre, where classic plays by the master playwright, William Shakespeare, are organized and staged by the Performing Arts for Cyprus Charities.

They perform uniquely at the top of a hill overlooking the picturesque Mediterranean Sea.

Children's Festival

The Children’s festival is held in Ayia Napa every June at the beginning of the Cyprus tourist season.

Cypriot Summer time is the time to enjoy many different types of festivals. Such as,

• Ayia Napa’s Childrens Festivals held in June • Limassol Beer Festival – enjoy low priced beers – yippee!

You can imagine this festival is very popular


Larnaca Summer Festival is another popular annual festival that is celebrated every July. Indoor and outdoor concerts and other forms of entertainment are held for everyone to enjoy.

The film screenings and poetry features from national and international figures will surely make you include this on your Cyprus festivals list.

August September

Limassol Wine Festival Municipal Gardens starts at the end of August through the first two weeks of September.

Limassol takes center stage again with its world-famous Wine Festival. You can join the wine-tasting events, taste and share the local food, and enjoy their dance and music.

The winemaking capital of Cyprus, Limassol, leads the celebration at the Municipal Gardens where hundreds of wine-makers and vineyard owners share their grape fruits or wine products with everyone else.

The Wine Festival is also one of the very popular Cyprus festivals and is the favorite of most wine tasters who want to have a taste of every villager's wine specialties.

All the fun-filled activities move along while traditional music and dance performances happen at the open-air theatre.

No breaking plates please!!

Also in September - The Lendary Goddess Aphrodite is Celebrated in Paphos

European Dance Festival

The European Dance Festival is one of the most entertaining annual Cyprus festivals, the whole family can enjoy. The European dance festival is held in Limassol at the Rialto Theatre and in Nicosia at the Pallas Theatre.

Representatives from across Europe join together for fun-filled entertainment, learn contemporary dance at the dance workshops and have several group performances. Shall we dance!

Beer Festival for Businesses July is when this famous festival is celebrated in Limassol and where low-priced beers are showcased. Visitors and buyers can exchange business cards or enhance their business partnerships and networking.

While most Cyprus festivals are open to everyone, the Beer Festival is for businessmen and local people, who meet for both fun and business talk. International competitions of beer tasting and product exhibits take place here.

Product technology and equipment showcases or sharing are also made and souvenirs are sold out to visitors.

International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama Visit Paphos, Limassol, and Nicossia where this internationally-recognized event is usually held for all ancient Greek drama enthusiasts and fans.

This is one of the longest-held Cyprus festivals. Playwrights, directors, actors, educators, and local theatre community members meet and share experiences during this popular annual event, which is led by the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute.

Mark your calendar because this month-long annual festival that is held every July is a must-see for everyone from any part of the world who loves theatre and ancient Greek drama.

Expect to see the best drama performances of ancient Greek tragedies and comedies during this festival.


Ayia Napa International Festival. This festival is celebrated in the main square with traditional music, great fireworks, lots of dancing, family fun, and sharing of Cypriot delicacies.

A puppet theatre show and exhibitions of beautiful works of art, crafts, mosaics, and icon paintings showcase Ayia Napa and THE rich cultural heritage.

Religious Festivals

Some Cyprus festivals have religious themes. Agios Vassilios is celebrated on St. Basil's Day where everyone's meal ends with vasilopitta, a sweet-tasting loaf of bread that contains a coin that will usher good luck to whoever gets it.

The Fota or Epiphany is a favorite among youths from harbor towns because of a competition that will bring honor to the one who is able to retrieve a crucifix that is thrown into the sea.

Green Monday is when everyone fills up with flatulence-inducing beans and pulses as a way to purge the demons from their bodies.

Annunciation is another Greek national holiday.

Every Good Friday, an effigy of Christ is adorned with flowers and carried reverently around the streets at nightfall.

After Easter Saturday's midnight mass, the local people go home with a taper lit by a blessed candle.

Renewed celebration is seen by villagers who roast a goat and town people eat at grill restaurants by Easter Sunday.

Kataklysmos is a form of celebration depicting Noah's escape from the great flood. Music and processions are held on this day.

Every December, Christmas takes on the local flavor with carols, music and food preparations by everyone, a fitting culmination to a year filled with colorful and fun-filled Cyprus festivals.

Don't miss out on the island wide celebrations.

Yammas! Cheers!

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