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Firstly, my husband and I would like to welcome you to our website.

We are Catherine and David, married for 25 years We have visited Cyprus on and off since before we tied the knot!!

I am from Northern Ireland, a qualified IT Tutor.

David is from Scotland and has worked in Engineering Management for many years. Both of us have travelled extensively. Living and working in many different countries. We actually met and married in Saudi Arabia. That was an unusual and bizarre experience.

We purchased our first home in South Eastern Cyprus 6 years ago. Since then we have purchased other properties in the same area.

Both of us have always taken an interest in property, admiring, dreaming, buying, monitoring property market trends, downturns, upturns, legal issues, prices, etc,etc.

We came to realise during our research in this 6 year period that there are no truly, independent property purchasing advisers in Cyprus. There are many who make this claim but it is not their main business.

That is when we decided to offer a completely independent advisory service for those who are thinking of buying property in Cyprus. Those who could benefit from experienced buyers. Hence Cyprus Keys Advisers was born. We hope you will take the opportunity to let us be your guiding hand along the way.

And we hope you enjoy all the information available on the site. Come back regularly for updates. You can subscribe to our Cyprus blog by clicking on the orange RSs button located on the left navigation bar. If your not sure what a blog or RSS is click on the question mark beside just above the orange RSS button.

Thank you for your time.

Yours truly Catherine & David
Independent Advisers for Cyprus Property Buyers.

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