Cyprus Energy Efficiency
How to Save Money on Utility Bills in Cyprus

Cyprus Energy Efficiency - Learn how to cut your household utility bills in Cyprus

We have been living in Cyprus for many years now.

The cost of utility bills in Cyprus has increase, almost level to the UK. Joining the EU and the global economic recession has made the cost of living greater than it was when we finally moved to Cyprus permanently in 2007.

In 2007, utility bills in Cyprus where very cheap. It was one of the biggest attractions of moving to Cyprus.

Now, everyone is suffering financially, so its time to cut the close of those household bills. Especially the cost of electricity in Cyprus.

Thankfully, my husband David, who is a very knowledgable engineer, volunteered to write this articles and two others.

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How Insulation for your Cyprus Home saves money

This article covers several aspects of energy efficiency, which can be applied no matter whether you live in Cyprus are anywhere across the world.

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What is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is maintaining the services of household appliances that we enjoy whilst reducing the energy that they cost to run. In Cyprus as in other countries this is taken seriously and the government here is pro active toward it. This can be achieved in several ways:

Solar Panels

Here's how Solar Energy works... The powerful rays from the sun is converted into electrical energy. It is a powerful and renewable energy.

As long as there is sunshine there is renewable energy. Even when its cloudy, the rays from the sun still gererate powerful rays to a lower degree.

The minimum savings is 70%, It all dependents on the temperatures of your country. The cost of solar energy is the equipment needed and installation.

If you are considering installing additional solar panels, or would like more information. Check with your local government office and ask about grants available. Cyprus doesn't have any grants available yet.

In Cyprus, solar panels are installed in most houses as standard at no extra cost to you.

We only use our immersion heater for an hour on cold, cloudy days, between November and February. Only occasionally until Feb/March.

Learn more about solar panels here...

Refrigerator Energy Efficiency

Because of the high temperatures in Cyprus, it is very important to purchase an "A" rated energy efficient refrigerator; these units will cut your electrical consumption costs while maintaining your drinks and food cooling.

Washing Machine Energy Efficiency.

With the ever increasing costs for water and electricity, similar to refrigerators, it is important to purchase an "A" rated appliance; this will reduce your water and electrical consumption bills whilst maintaining the cleanliness of your wash.

These appliances are readily available from most distributors here in Cyprus.

Air Conditioning

Heating and Cooling Energy Efficiency.

Over the years air conditioning units for domestic use has changed considerably. There are now units which are called "Inverter" type which will reduce your electrical bills.

To explain the difference between the existing units and the "Inverter" type, it is like driving a car. The faster you travel, the more petrol you use. pushing the pedal to the metal is heavy on the petrol. But instead of petrol think electricity.

The existing units are like starting your car with your foot hard on the accelerator and going full speed to bring the temperature to the required setting and stopping then restarting at full speed again and again an again... to maintain the temperature.

While "Inverter" units use just enough acceleration to reach the set temperature "speed limit". In other words they use just enough energy to reach the set temperature, de-accelerating when the temperature has been reached, re-accelerating slightly to maintain it.

In Cyprus the majority of air conditioning units fitted are the heating and cooling type, but not inverter driven.

You can purchase inverter driven air conditioning units fairly cheaply now in Cyprus. The cost is around 40-50% more. Prices are starting to drop now.

In the long run it is worth changing to inverter driven air conditioning units one room at a time. The energy savings achieved with every unit you switch to inverter driven can achieve 30-40% savings on your bills

Solar Lighting

Solar energy usage is evolving all the time. Amazingly, solar lighting can be used inside as well as outdoors with the right equipment. A solar light kit is required to transfer the energy generated outside.

An example price for an indoor solar lighting kit is under 200 US dollars.

I think many of us could make considerable savings, depending on where you live.

With the cost of solar lights dropping, it is worth considering the switch to solar lights for driveways, gardens, entrances and exits.

Indoors is worth investigating too.

The cost of solar energy home equipment is also reducing now as many people are becoming more conscious of costs.

So it maybe the right time to start making adjustments a little at a time.

energy efficient light bulb
Energy Efficient Lighting.

The potential savings that can be achieved in this area are impressive, when you consider that replacing a normal 60 watt light bulb with a low wattage type of 11 watts with no change in the light output level.

In other words a saving of 80 % in running costs and remember this is only for one bulb, think how much you would save if all your lights were running on energy efficient lighting bulbs.

Although the initial cost of the low energy bulb is higher, the longer life span more than compensates for this.

An important point to remember is that the low wattage bulbs come in different output colours, warm white for example gives out a natural soft lighting. Very similar to your normal incandescent bulb that you would normally use in a side lamp.

Cool white and daylight are very sharp, similar to a fluorescent tube light.

Up to 2010 the Cypriot Electricity Authority - EAC was giving six low energy bulbs free of charge to all households on production of your electricity bill. Sadly, the offer has not been extended. The good news is... the cost of energy efficient bulbs in Cyprus are getting cheaper now.

Hopefully, this article will help you save money on your utility bills. It has certainly help us reduce the cost of electricity in Cyprus.

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