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Hi, my name is Kate and I live in Xylofagou, a village not far from Larnaca Cyprus.

You likely found this page because you are looking for a work at home job you could do if you are living here or planning to move to Cyprus. Even if you live somewhere else and want to find a decent work from home job, its worth reading.

Why did I write a page about work at home business?

I specifically wrote this article to share with you my experiences of trying and succeeding to find an honest and profitable work at home business.

Finding a worthwhile home business or job opportunity in Cyprus is like finding a needle in a hay stack!

I know... I spent months searching for all types of work

A few businesses I found paid very little for a lot of work. Even worse... some are scammers who never pay you. There are more scammy jobs than honest work at home ones.

Searching for Online Home Business Opportunity

Nowadays, the majority of businesses out there are online. So I spent time researching to see if I could find a genuine opportunity that would work for me.

As you may have found, there are millions of sites offering online work at home opportunities.

After literally months of searching, researching and reading reviews of websites offering work at home online businesss, I did find one company Site Build It, which seemed to offer all the tools, advice, guidance and free video tutorials that would help anyone serious enough about building their own business to be successful.

So I went on the hunt to see if I could find any bad reviews about them. I couldn't.

I contacted Site Build It and was assured that if I was not happy they would refund my money. I still mulled it over for a while.

Downloaded all the free books, watched the free video guide which showed exactly how the system worked.

I didn't need a "techie" brain. They do all that stuff and there's a huge community forum to ask any questions and be helped by other site builders.

I could choose what I wanted my site to be about as long as it was a topic I enjoyed writing about. For example, a hobby, interest, work experience or whatever my passion was.

If I wasn't sure what to write about, they would help with that too.

I talked it over with my hubbie, double checked again for scammy evidence,...none.

So I held my breathe and plunged in.

It was and still is the best decision I made. They have helped me every step of the way to build a successful and profitable business - this site.

That was nearly 3 years ago. And I haven't looked back.

I have 2 sites now, this one and a healthy family recipes website called Free Family Healthy Recipes All my own recipes by the way!!

This site and the healthy recipes site are proof that there are genuine online work at home business opportunities that do work. There is no other online company that offers all the tools, tutorials, video guide and friendly forums and proof of success

Do I make money from my websites?

I'm very happy to say Yes I do!

How much?

The monthly income is only limited by how much effort you put into building your online business.Every page I build brings a new income stream.

I know some successful website owners who earn tens of thousands a month!!

My income... is growing very nicely. Thanks to Site Build it. Happy days!!!

I just focus on making my sites better and better. Once you see your site grow and prosper it becomes addictive!

How do I earn a monthly income from my websites?

Advertising related business products, building and advertising resale Cyprus resale properties on this site, income from google adverts, selling holiday products and books. The amount of different ways to make an income are huge!! As long as they are related to my sites content of course.

I could rant and rave about what SBI has helped me achieve, but you'll be thinking... Yeh Yeh, heard it all before!!

I would too. So I will leave it up to you to read about who they are and what they can do for you.

If you want to work from home, be your own boss and make money online it is do-able. Site Build It has given me all the tools to succeed. They don't offer a get rich quick scheme.

To get an idea of how SBI works you can Take a quick tour

All you need to do is use your brain and movitation and following the , they do all the techie work so you don;t have to. They

If you have no idea what to build a site about, Find inspiration here to help you decide.

Nothing beats...

  • Being your own boss
  • Working from home
  • Work when want
  • Flexible Hours
  • Wear what you want
  • Work around family committments

If you would like assurance that SBI works, you will find the Proof here

If you have any questions ask a friendly experienced SBIer

You can follow SBI on Facebook and Twitter

If you would like an online business, but don't have enough spare time to build a website SBI's SiteSell Services can do it for you SiteSell Services can do it for you

3 Free inspiring books for you...

Download your free books, How to Make your words sell, make content sell and make your site sell. They are all very interesting, I learnt a lot from them.

Just click each book to start the download.

Happy reading and good luck for the future.

Happy Online Business Owner!

Make Your Content PREsell Make Your Site Sell Make Your Words Sell

If you want to take the plunge and dive right in you can order Site Build It from here

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