The Greek Letters Pronunciation First

The Greek Letters
Practice Makes Perfect Recall

Learning greek pronunciation is very important. The best way I have found of learning how to pronunce the letters, is to practice writing them, underlining the accent and sounding it out at the same time, every time.

If you do this repetitively you will soon be able to learn greek phrases very quickly.

Use my step by step process to teach yourself some greek. It certainly helped me grasp a fairly difficult language.

We all know that “practice makes perfect”. Start right here...

Before you go any further, I just want to point out that this is New Testament or Modern Greek, not ancient greek.

Here are the 24 greek alphabet letters. Capital letters first and there small letters and the greek pronunciation in bold

Notice that some small letters are completely different to their big brothers. I practiced these lots more than those that look the same.

Greek Letters Greek Pronunciation
Α α a in dad
Β β b in ball
Γ γ g in got
Δ δ d in dog
Ε ε e in net
Ζ Ζ z in gaze
Η η e in obey
Θ θ th in this
Ι ι i in hit
Κ κ k in kin
Λ λ l in lot
Μ μ m in man
Ν ν n in new
Ξ ξ x in axe
Ο ο ough in ought
Π π p in party
Ρ ρ r in ride
Σ σ s in sit
Τ τ t in talk
Υ υ u in put
Φ φ ph in phone
Χ χ ch in chemist
Ψ ψ ps in lips
Ω ω o in note

Don't Get Overwhelmed!

At first the greek letters are pretty overwhelming. What I did was split them into manageable chunks of 4-5 letters.

I practiced writing the letters, their names and pronunciation over and over until I could rhyme them off without effort.

Use the teaching video to help you. It’s a really great way to memorize the greek letter names in a fun way and you'll be amazed how much it will help with pronunciation.

I hope you enjoy learning greek as much as I do. I’m still polishing mine Always learning new greek words and phrases. .

When you master the greek alphabet, you can learn some
greek phrases

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