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Learn Modern Greek Phrases. Pick up some really useful conversational greek before going on holiday to Cyprus. I did. I started learning greek before we moved Cyprus. So can you!

I can help you learn to speak greek simply and quickly.

The Cyprus Language is mainly Greek in the Southern Cyprus region.

Greek is not the easiest of languages to learn. But if you start practicing here, you will soon learn the basics.

Greek Language Skills

Side Note

It can be a little easier to learn the language if you understand the t greek alphabet first. There are many greek letters that look and sound similar, but there are some which are pronounced differently to how they are written.

Let me explain.

For example, the name of the greek letter Δ is Delta, but is pronounced th as in other, or this. If you would like to view the greek alphabet letters click here

A little note about phonetics – in case you are not familiar with the term it just means, vocally sounding or voicing words and phrases. It is very important to say the words out loud.

Lets get started…

Most common greek phrases used daily in Cyprus.

The small but very important words and greek phrases first.

Important Note:

The first two greek words for Yes and No in greek are very confusing at first. It took me some time to get used to them. They sound so different, Yes in greek sounds like your saying no, and no is not any better. What are they?


Yes is – Nai pronounced Ney and No is Oxi pronounced Ochi

Basic Greek Phrases

Meeting and Greeting Someone

From saying Hello, asking how someone is feeling and telling them how you are, just follow through these short meeting and greeting greek phrases,saying them out loud.

I think it’s better to learn greek words which make up a small conversation.

Here’s your first meeting and greeting greek conversation.

English - Greek

You say
Hello - Yia sas - can also be used for goodbye
How are you? - Seh Kala?

very well - polee kala…
and You? - keh esee?

You say

Very well - polee kala
Thank you – ef’haristo

You may here some Greek Cypriots ask, How are you? by saying
Tee ka-neh-teh? It means the same as Seh Kala?

To say

Good morning - kalee-maira
Good afternoon – kalee-spera
Good night – kalinee’ta

Telling Someone your Name

My name is, - meh lenneh – your name,

To ask someone their name

What is your name? - Pos se lenneh

Ordering Drinks

The waiter may say…

Tee tha pa-reh-teh - what will you have?

To order a bottle of water say

Thelo – I want
Enna - one or a
boo-kahlee - bottle
nairo – water

To order a coffee say

Thelo – I want
Enna kaffeh parakalo

To order an instant coffee with milk, you say

Thelo – I want
Enna neskaffeh
meh – with
ghala – milk
parakalo - please

To order a beer

mee-a beera – a beer
parakalo - please

When the waiter brings your drinks he may say…

oreesteh – here you are.

and you say…

ef’haristo – thank you.

To order a toasted sandwich
with cheese and ham

Thelo – I want
Enna tost – one toast
Meh – with
Teeree – cheese
Keh – and
Zambon – ham
Parakalo - please

Note, when ordering anything, you can use either enna (one) or meea.

I hope you find these basic greek phrases helpful enough to get you started.

The secret to success is practise, practise, practise everyday.

There are 4 books below which I found really helpful during my learning greek experience.

The BBC learn greek book which comes with a CD is the very first one I used and found it really helpful.

All these learning greek books/CD audio can be bought online.

Good Luck!

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