Cyprus Solar Panels
Renewable Energy in Cyprus

Solar panels are installed in over 90% of homes in Cyprus.

When our house was built in 2004 in Xylofagou Cyprus, 2 panels where installed on the roof. They are connected to the water tank.

It seems standard practice for each new property in Cyprus to have solar powered water heaters fitted.

In 2007 Cyprus won the international award for using solar energy panels.

Benefits of the Sunny Cyprus Weather

The sunny weather in Cyprus lasts almost all year round. There are very few days which are too cold for the solar panels to work effectively to heat your water. That is really good for reducing the cost of electricity in Cyprus.

We only need to heat the water using an emersion heater for a few weeks during winter, only for an hour or so a day.

Usually, by midday the rays from the sun will heat the water. So you can hold off switching the electric water heater on, which will save energy and the cost of electricity bills.

Many of us wait for the sun to heat the water before having a shower, washing your hair or doing the dishes!

Learn more about solar panels

My husband who is an engineer is very knowledgable about solar energy and saving energy too - thank goodness!!

He has contributed his knowledge below to help you understand what solar energy and panels are. He has also written the article an energy efficiency. So please do read on.

What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels convert the rays from the sun into energy. Another term used is solar energy.

This energy can be used for electricity or for heating. I will outline the uses of this and the applications without going into to much technical detail.

Solar Panels for Heating Water

Most individuals believe that the use of these panels is for heating hot water, this is right in one sense but this hot water can also be used in conjunction with a central heating system or to heat a swimming pool to lower the costs of your electricity or gas.

How can this be?

If you pre heat the water in your central heating system or swimming pool, your boiler will use less energy to reach the temperature that you require.

Sounds too simple?

Yes, but it's true.

This does not only apply to countries that have year round sunshine, like we do in Cyprus, it works even in cooler, cloudy climates like in the UK.

Photovoltaic Panels

These panels work by converting the rays from the sun into electricity and with the addition of batteries and a unit called an inverter - this converts the DC current from the cells into AC current - this electricity can be stored and used in your home during the evening.

Depending on the location, size and number of cells used, this can be a very cost effective method to power at least, lighting or running your whole house on it.

Although buying an off the shelf system may seem expensive, when you see the cost benefits you may expand your system in the future.

To understand more about Photovoltaic click the video below...

Rising Cost of Energy in Cyprus and Beyond

As the cost of energy rises in Cyprus and the rest of the global, many countries are looking to renewable energy sources to offset the reliance on fossil fuel and are making grants available for the purchase and installation of these units. Cyprus is no exception

Energy Efficient Grants

The amount of these grants varies from country to country but unfortunately not all are participating in making grants available. Therefore, check out what is available in your country... you may be surprised.

Are there Cyprus Installation Solar Panels Grants?

At present, there are no grants available for installing additional solar panels in Cyprus homes.

The Cyprus Government have plans to increase renewable energy in the future with the help of EU Funding.

Until then, the standard 2 solar panels fitted to each home in Cyprus are, we think, adequate for daily living in Cyprus.

DIY Solar Energy System


I hear you say. Well..., let me enlighten you,

It is absolutely and totally possible to create your own renewable energy generating system. Saving you even more money by building your own solar energy system! The savings are substantial.

Imagine your whole house running totally on renewable energy and never having to worry about huge bills again!!

Don't be afraid to check out this option.

There are great resources available to teach you how to do it yourself.

To see for yourself what information is out there on the internet, use the search box below...

Just enter something like... build your own solar energy system

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We hope you found this artical helpful.

If you have any questions about using solar panels in Cyprus or how to be more energy efficient, my husband will gladly answer them. Just ask...

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