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Sharing Renting a Car Tips with You

These important renting a car tips, come directly from the horses mouth, to speak.

My daughter worked for car hire companies in Cyprus and has learned a lot. She kindly offered to share that knowledge here.

Learn what you, as a car rental customer should know before signing on the dotted line, things to be aware of and questions to ask.

So without further ado... lets get to it.

Top 10 Renting a Car Tips

1. Getting Quotes

When you are searching for the best car hire deals online, its an absolute nightmare. How do you choose...

Some of the prices seem really great for you until you fill in the online quote and find there are hidden extras.

Extras like collison damage excess, which you will have to pay if the car is damaged is some way, ie an accident.

There are companies out there that offer full protection with no hidden extras. Economy car hire is one example.

Note:... excess fees can vary between rental car groups. With the bigger car groups, if extra insurance is taken the excess can be lowered. Same with lower car groups.

Top 10 Useful Tips

2. Online Booking Discounts

There is a lot of competition between car hire companies online. Many offer discount for booking your hire car online. The average discount is 5%. So go for it!

3. Get even more discount Online!

Discount vouchers are availble for short periods of time. Search for discount voucher websites and see what's on offer.

How does it work?

Each discount offer has a discount code. Just write the code down. Then while you fill in your rental booking form, there should be a voucher code box visible, put the discount voucher code in the box. The discount will automatically be deducted from the price.

4. Price Comparison Sites

A quick and very simple way to find the best prices for car hire and check out details of car hire companies is to use a price comparison site.

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Custom Search

4. Insurance

There are many types of insurance, collision damage waiver, theft protection, tyres and windscreen.

All these insurances can either be included in the quote or taken out at the time of renting.

Before the car is signed over to you. Always ask the member of staff if you are fully protected with no excess charges.

The majority of companies will either lower the excess or waiver completely if the extra insurance is taken.

Its a bit of a mine field! Best to find a car hire company who offers complete coverage up front.

I just want you to be aware that excess fees can cost you hundreds for a small car to thousands for luxury or large 4x4s, if the car is damaged.

5. Condition of the hire car

Always check the condition of the car, inside and out, while the rental rep is present before you sign the agreement.

They should have a list of any scratches or damage already on the car.

Check the list with them during inspection. You don't want to be charged for any damage which was already there. And make sure they add any damage they missed or you have found.

6. Water and Oil level check

Ask the rep to check water and oil levels while you are present.

7. Petrol

Some rental car companies supply the car with a full tank of petrol and request you return the car with a full tank.

Others will charge for a full tank of petrol on rentals over 2 days. The cost to you will be more expensive than at a petrol station.

8. Breakdowns and accidents

Always ask what you need to do if the car breaks down, there is an accidents or problem. There should be a contact number on the contract.

9. Speeding and Parking Tickets

If you receive a speeding ticket or a parking ticket, you are responsible for the paying the fine. This MUST be paid before you leave the country. Don't think you can get away with out paying because your on holiday. They will contact you in your country and a record of the unpaid fine is given to airport customs.

If you have any question to ask about renting a car tips, please just me

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