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Registering your car in Cyprus, The best information you will find all in one place. Importing a car to Cyprus, Registration Fees, Duty, What to expect at Customs and Excise, what paperwork you need for importing and registering your car in Cyprus.

The Process

To register your car in Cyprus it is best to use a Clearing Agent. They have all the experience and knowledge of the paperwork needed, the process and what you need to do before the registration and it really doesn’t cost a lot.

The Clearing Agent we used was in Larnaca, a short distance from the registration office. The lady who dealt with our registration was very professional and she definitely new the system inside out.

The clearing agent will tell you exactly what paperwork is needed before registering your car. To give you an idea of which documents are required, I have listed below what we were asked to produce.

We had to supply the clearing agent with the following;

The Yellow slip you’re given by Customs & Excise when your car arrived in Cyprus.

The letter from Nicosia Customs House granting duty free status. Or, If you paid the duty directly to customs on arrival of the car, you will need to take the receipt to the clearing office. Also required;

Log book, UK MOT certificate. Car Insurance Certificate

The clearing agent will also arrange a Cyprus MOT which is required before registering your car. It will be included in the price of the service, if you wish.

It’s possible that, since our experience, there may have been some changes to registering your car in Cyprys. ie; part of the process or documents required. The clearing agent will let you know.

It is much less hassle to get the Clearing Agent to make all arrangements; it is much quicker than trying to do it yourself.

About Car Registration Fees

Registration Fees are separate from Customs & Excise Duty which is paid when importing a car to Cyprus

Registration fees are based on, cubic capacity of the engine – cc, for example; a car with an engine size of 1.6 would be listed as 1600cc.

The co2 emissions of the car are also calculated as part of the registration fees.

The fees shown below are payable when registering your car in Cyprus.

At present there is no discount for the age of the vehicle.

Table of Car Registration Fees

Engine Capacity (cc)
Up to 1450
1451 – 1650
1651 – 2050
2051 – 2250
2251 – 2650
2651 and more
£ per cc
Private Car
€43 - 248
£25 - 145
€372 - 424
£218 - 248
€706 - 877
£413 - 513
€1051 - 1153
£615 - 675
€2308 - 2717
£1351 - 1590
€2718 +
£1591 +
€43 - 248
£25& - 145
€372 - 424
£218 - 248
Double Cab
€43 - 174
£25 - 102
€260 - 296
£152 - 173
€494 - 598
£289 - 350

How to Work Out Car Registration Fee

To work out the registration fee for your vehicle, multiply engine size of your vehicle (cc) by the euro rate in the engine column which it falls under. It will be in the range shown.

Motorcycles between 1 and 1450 cc are charged €0.17086 per cc and will be between €43 and €248.

Please note; The registration office only accept cash payments!

If you buy a new car in Cyprus the price usually includes registration.

In my humble opinion, Shipping and registering your car in Cyprus is too expensive and a lot of unnecessary hassle.

I would buy and import a double cabin pick up truck. It’s classed as an agricultural vehicle which equals significantly less duty and registration fees.

I really hope find the information on registering your car in Cyprus helpful. I know when we tried to find information on importing and registering a car it was difficult.

If you would like any further information, we would be happy to hear from you.

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