Buying North Cyprus Property

Here are a few very informative videos about North Cyprus.

The history of how it was divided.

The 35 year problem.

Its a very complex situation.

The Turish and Cypriot Governments trying to reach a solution

Many years of division generates complications.

One of which is property and land ownership

My aim is to give you a rounded view.

To help you...

I am adding important information as I find it.

I can;t stress enough how important it is to get as much information as possible about North Cyprus.

Especially the property buying issue.

The Republic of Cyprus in the south has issued a warning. Anyone buying property in the North will be prosecuted. The goal for the government is to safeguard greek cypriot land and property in the north.

Take a look at the real life stories, so you can gain some insight and make informed choices.

The videos cover the islands recent history and the Cyprus problem.

What the TRNC is.

Greek cypriots in the North trying to reclaim there property

Nicosia's divided LIDRA STREET, the north/south division video footage.

British property buyers problems.

Recent History

Learn more..BBC archive report which covered the invasion 1974: Turkey invades Cyprus


Nicosia's North, South divide. It's main shopping area,
Lidra Street. The history behind the wall, the only divided city in Europe.

Greek Cypriot Revisits North Cyprus
to Reclaim his Property

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