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Checklist for Moving Overseas

Checklist for Moving Overseas

A Checklist for Moving Overseas is invaluable

When planning to move overseas, you have so much to do. It’s very hard to remember everything that needs to be taken care of.

How can you make sure you don’t forget anything?

Create a list for all the to do tasks before your move overseas.

To help you get started, I have put together the most important tasks on the checklist below.

You will probably have other tasks to add as everone has different things to consider.

I hope you find this checklist for moving overseas a helpful starting point.

Important Note;

1. Keep a copy just in case. The last thing you want is to start all over again!

2. When you have completed a task, tick it off and add the date it was done

3. Create A File for All Moving Related Documents

Most important to dos

• Valid passports - check that everyone travelling has a valid passport. Note; also check how long the validation must be to enter your new overseas destination.

• Get Shipping quotes – minimum of 3 – also ask about insurances

• Cardboard boxes, start collecting sturdy packing boxes, we got most of ours from local supermarkets and other retailers

• Buy broad packing tape, tape dispenser, large sharp scissors and thick permanent black markers for labeling boxes

• Buy or collect paper for wrapping breakables, newspaper is fine. Bubble wrap is great. It give better protection of breakables like glassware and crockery.

We purchased a large roll of bubble wrap very cheaply from a packing company. Check your local area.

• Start to Declutter, the sooner the better

What to do with unwanted bits and pieces

• Sell on e-bay – open an account with e-bay. You’ll be surprised how much of the stuff you don’t want will sell.

Every penny counts Right?

• Donate to charity, family and friends

• Have a garage sale,

• Sell at a car boot sale,

• Recycle, there are many recycling centres around these days

• Pack items you want to ship, remember…label every box with

• Which Room items came from, and

• Generally what’s in each box – trust me… you’ll be glad you did when the shipment arrives at you new home abroad

Cancelling Household Utilities and Other Charges

Contact to Ask when and how you should cancel

  • Utility Companies, Gas Electric, Water
  • Utility Companies, Gas Electric, Water
  • Telephone
  • Council Tax Fees
  • Subscriptions and Contracts for TV Licence,
    Satelite TV, Mobile Phones
  • Post Office about redirecting mail

Bank Accounts

Book an appointment with your bank to discuss your intention to move abroad.

Ask for advice about setting up new accounts in your new destination.

Also ask about the procedure for transferring funds overseas.


If your retiring abroad make sure you thoroughly research your best options with appropriate advisers.

Your Car

Contact Department of Vehicle License Authority – Inform them that you will be moving and what procedure you need to follow

Car Insurance Company. Ask when and how you should cancel


If you are relocating with children, inform contact their schools and or colleges.

Reseach new schools in and around your new home abroad

Remember to Always Keep Your Checklist Handy

Keep your checklist for moving overseas with you at all times.

When you think of something that needs to be done, add it to the list right away before you forget it.

Keep a copy just in case. The last thing you want is to start all over again!

When you have completed a task, tick it off and add the date it was done.

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